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Herb Highlights

added 7/4 by: Rootdown Staff

chills and no sweating
added 7/4 by: Rootdown Staff

Wheezing and coughing
added 7/4 by: Rootdown Staff

Edema with exterior condition
added 7/4 by: Rootdown Staff

Wind-damp painful obstruction with...
added 7/4 by: Rootdown Staff

added 7/4 by: Rootdown Staff

fever with sweating
added 7/4 by: Rootdown Staff

Painful obstruction
added 7/4 by: Rootdown Staff

Edema with urinary difficulty
added 7/4 by: Rootdown Staff

Dizziness with palpatations
added 7/4 by: Rootdown Staff


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Randy says: Late night, too much...
added 7/23 by: Mrances Harris

When combined with a green diet that...
added 7/21 by: Rosemary Scott

For the majority of men, mainly...
added 7/20 by: Celia Harvell

It's also advisable to do not forget...
added 7/16 by: Annie W. Fields

There are lots of facets we just...
added 7/14 by: Lisa R. Love

When you wash your hair, Kerave Hair...
added 7/13 by: Janice J. Meza

Many men are disappointed using...
added 7/11 by: Nancy J. Patterson

Long time to get the desired...
added 7/9 by: Denora Bverill

Various skin care reviews have...
added 7/5 by: Beatrice R. Wade

Never mumble. Speak clearly,...
added 7/4 by: Ann D. Melvin


Clinical Pearls

Spleen 6 'Spleen 6' is widely known...
added 5/21 by: David Dawson

Dear ROOTDOWN I would like...

Here is a great formula I learned...
added 5/8 by: Eric Schmidt

This isn't a TCM but solution Aztec...
added 3/1 by: Travis Beto

Objective: To evaluate the effects...
added 4/22 by: Sadashiv Datar

The number one question I am asked...
added 4/18 by: Jaime Chaves

This one is courtesy of Dr....
added 8/14 by: J E

I have found the combination of ion...
added 7/10 by: John Donald

by Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac....
added 5/13 by: Andrew Pacholyk

Aloe vera contains over 20 minerals,...
added 4/18 by: Mridu Verma