I Speak English, Hebrew
Female , born on 2/16/1975
Sawbridgeworth , England   United Kingdom

Favorite Herb: Gancao
Element: Water
Zodiac: Rabbit
Activities: Student
Interests: holistic Therapies theatre
When Not On, I am... student




Osi has been singing professionally since 2002 in Manhattan’s prestigious cabaret rooms and Jazz venues. Her singing style is a mixture of Jazz, Light Opera and Pop. In 2003 she recorded an Album entitled ‘Whisper Not’, co – produced by Ray Passman and Emmanuel Mann. Courses in Chakra Acupuncture & Acupressure have encouraged Osi with the decision of undertaking a BSc Hons in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Middlesex University, in coalition with Asante’ Clinic and The Whittington Hospital – NHS Trust. Osi is the Founder of Its Your Dance Space & WisdomB Wellness, a Heath/Wellness/Fitness Studio and an Artists Collective organisation. Featuring the Gyrotonic Expansion System®, Traditional Chinese Medicine 中藥學, Acupuncture 腧穴, combined with Music & Dance.

Osi has been teaching Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods since 2006 and is looking forward to deepening her exploration and understanding in the Gyrotonic System along with her passion for Chinese Medicine, holistic therapies and singing.