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Added ''Post'' '''Learn Details of RS Sigil Improvements''' to forum "Classifieds - Professionals & Students selling their Equipment etc." on ''8/8/2019''
"It has been officially confirmed that Jagex is removing RS sigil slot from the game. Some changes and improvements are also made to the sigil with the update.

RS sigil slot removed with Monday update

According to the official August Month Ahead Q&A live stream, RuneScape sigil slot is removed with the update on Monday. With the removal of sigil slot, RuneScape sigil is transformed into abilities, not items anymore.

Other RuneScape sigil changes & improvements

1. If you have sigils currently at the moment, they are converted into the base component parts which can be used to make that sigil, such as anima, vital sparks, black stone hearts, alchemical onyx, etc. You will be refunded all the resources regardless of charges remaining. 2. RuneScape Sigils will be unlocked through codices. They will cost a lot more than the original sigil did to offset the permanent cost. 3. The sigil ability will be unlocked forever once you unlock it. Like any other combat ability, it has..."

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