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Added ''Post'' '''Enjoy Player Owned Farms Bonuses during RuneScape Summer Escape Week Two''' to forum "Classifieds - Professionals & Students selling their Equipment etc." on ''8/13/2019''
"The second week of RS Summer Escape is coming with the end of the week 1. On the theme of Combat and Slayer, players can enjoy a variety of boosts and buffs for Combat and Slayer until August 18th.

Week 2: Combat and Slayer bonuses

The week 2 of RuneScape Summer Escape runs from August 12th to August 18th. Here are the detailed bonuses during this period: Increased chance of rare drops and enhanced lucky items All charm drops give one more charm than normal Shattered Worlds grants 100% extra shattered anima Ability to loot from Mazcab Raids once per day 25% increased drop rate of torn grimoire pages from Solak All Slayer assignments are treated as using a Slayer VIP ticket 25% increased Slayer experience (includes reaper assignments) Choice of boss slayer assignments 10% increased ushabti catch chance

Player Owned Farms bonuses during the event

Besides the bonuses every week, players can enjoy Player Owned Farms bonuses all throughout RuneScape Summer..."

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