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Added ''Post'' '''Gain OSRS 6 months Membership from Phosani’s Nightmare''' to forum "News & Advocacy Alerts" on ''3/30/2020''
"The dreams of a former Justiciar are a powerful resource for The Nightmare, and now she has chosen to bolster her power by entering Phosani’s mind to feast upon her dreams. The Sisterhood simply cannot allow this sacrilege. They need a strong, brave adventurer to step up and free Phosani from The Nightmare’s clutches. Are you up to the task?

The more difficult version of The Nightmare, Phosani’s Nightmare, has been released in Old School RS this week. Players are able to fight this 07 rs gold boss for one week and try to gain the prizes.

What is the Phosani’s Nightmare?

Phosani’s Nightmare is a more difficult version of The Nightmare OSRS released in March 5th, 2020. The Phosani’s Nightmare can be found in the Sisterhood Sanctuary, and you are able to fight against it in a solo encounter by entering the portal beside Phosani’s coffin. You can only fight the Phosani’s Nightmare for one week. Notice: In order to fight the Phosani Nightmare OSRS, you must have defeated the..."

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