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Added ''Pearl'' "Great Little Trick for Tension Between Shoulder Blades" on ''11/14/2007'':
Neck and shoulder tension is one of the most common issues we see because our computer/cell phone/driving culture conspires against our upper backs and necks. Try this simple trick when doing an upper back treatment.

Get 2 towels and roll them so that they create round pillows. Put one under each shoulder between the pectoralis and anterior deltoid muscles (around Lung 1 and Lung 2 areas). This creates a gentle stretch in the front and will relax the rhomboid and levator scapula muscles between the shoulder blades.

Next needle the outer shu points (Urinary Bladder 41 to Urinary Bladder 44) and any ashi points you find in that area. You can also do some cupping or tui na in this position. You're patients will love you unconditionally after this, I guarantee it!