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  Brady Chin
(Rootdown Staff)
Added ''Pearl'' "Herbs for Healthy Blood Sugar" on ''12/8/2007'':
Herbal congee is a great way to maintain healthy a blood sugar level in patients with diabetes. Here are two recipes I learned from Dr. Xiong, Dean of the Geriatric Department at the hospital I visited in China: • Shan Yao 60g, Yi Yi Ren 30g, plus 200g corn. It tonifies Spleen and Kidney qi, and nourishes yin. • Mai Men Dong 15g + Dan Zhu Ye 10g: decoct and add the liquid to 30g rice. After the rice is cooked add 15g Xi Yang Shen and cook for 5-10 minutes more. This recipe nourishes yin and tonifies qi. Other herbs that lower blood sugar include Ren Shen, Huang Qi, Huang Lian, Zhi Mu, Mai Men Dong, Sheng Di Huang, Xuan Shen, Gou Qi Zi, Tian Hua Fen, Shi Gao, Shi Hu, and Ge Gen. Alexa Hulsey, L.Ac. Assistant Academic Dean