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Fortnite is currently a huge cultural phenomenon, and this was an opportunity for it to make a splash from the burgeoning world of e-sports. The effective Fortnite Pro-Am at E3 was followed with the launching of Summer Skirmish, a series of eight weekly championships comprising $8 million in prizes. But despite some big money and several of the most popular names in flowing, Fortnite's aggressive gaming splash has been mostly a disappointment so far.

The first championship was cancelled halfway through after gamers suffered from these significant lag that it was impossible to continue. A week after, the next skirmish featured a great underdog narrative, as console participant"iDropz_bodies" -- renowned at Destiny circles, but not a big name in Fortnite -- surprised everyone by snagging the championship win and $130,000 in prizes.

This, naturally, led to accusations of cheating on Reddit..."

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