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Added ''Post'' '''News: OSRS Song of the Elves Content Adjustment on Aug 22''' to forum "Classifieds - Professionals & Students selling their Equipment etc." on ''8/24/2019''
"It has been revealed that some changes and adjustment have been made to OSRS Song of the Elves content, web slashing and others this week. Here you could learn the details of these changes if you have interests.

Weapons with slash bonus for web slashing

With the update on August 22, all weapons with a slash bonus have a chance to slash through a web. The success rate depends on the weapon’s slash bonus. The chance of slashing through webs is not decreased with this change.

Changes to OSRS Song of the Elves content

Some changes and adjustments are also made to Song of the Elves content this week. Now the nechryael and bloodveld OSRS within the Iorwerth dungeon have been replaced by their mutated and greater versions. In addition, the maximum number of charges of all Crystal items has been increased to 20,000. The number of charges Blade of Saeldor receives per crystal shard has also been increased to 100.

Some other changes with update on August 22 ..."

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