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Added ''Post'' '''Get to Know RuneScape 3 Elemental Workshop Ⅳ Quest''' to forum "Classifieds - Professionals & Students selling their Equipment etc." on ''9/16/2019''
"Runescape Elemental Workshop Ⅳ is a member-only quest with long length. There are some skill and item requirements that you should achieve in order to complete the long quest successfully. In addition, you will be able to receive various rewards after finishing the quest.

Requirements in RS Elemental Workshop Ⅳ

Before starting the intermediate Runescape quest, you'd better meet the skill requirements and item requirements: 1. Skill requirements - 41 Crafting - 39 Runecrafting - 39 Thieving - 40 Defence - 42 Smithing 2. Item requirements - About 5 each of water, earth, air and fire runes, but only 1 of each will be used in the final riddle. - A knife that can be obtained during quest and won't work if it's on your tool belt. - 2 pieces of Runescape elemental ore to complete the quest, or 7 if you want the full chaos equipment set. - 8 pieces of coal or 28 for the full set of chaos equipment. They must be carried since they cannot be stored in an ore..."

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