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Added ''Post'' '''A man Assassin along with a feminine Mage''' to forum "Formula Requests" on ''10/28/2019''
"Many keep their eyes peeled for the upcoming major breakout hit If it comes to MMOs going into the market. Unfortunately the genre is now rife with games that are homogenized which rarely, if ever, deviate into something truly spectacular. Enter Astellia. Can Astellia have exactly what it takes to be a name in the sea of mediocrity?

Astellia starts players' off with what many players expect, class choice and character development. In the jump, I was quite disappointed to see that out of the 5 courses you may pick from, you can only create male character for the Warrior and the Assassin. While there has been some talk of gender changes available in the future, sex locked classes have never sat well with me personally, especially when there are zero ranged options for male characters to begin the game with. Despite these minor class-based issues, I created two figures, a man Assassin along with a feminine Mage so that I could find a good idea of the flow of battle for both melee..."

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