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Added ''Post'' '''Enjoy 36 hours of Double XP Boost for RS 3 Double XP Weekend''' to forum "Classifieds - Professionals & Students selling their Equipment etc." on ''11/6/2019''
"RS Double XP Weekend returns in November 2019 with something different. During the Double XP Weekend: Extended, you can enjoy 36 hours of Double XP boost which will spread over 10 days.

When can you enjoy RS Double XP Weekend?

According to the latest official news post, RuneScape Double XP Weekend returns at 12:00 game time on November 22, 2019. Members can enjoy a 100% XP boost when Double XP Weekend begins.

Double XP Weekend: Extended with adjustment

Different from previous RuneScape Double XP Weekend, this event will offer 36 hours of Double XP goodness but spread over the course of 10 days this time. To make this event a lot more relaxing than before, players are all going to be able to maximise every one of the precious Double XP hours but without the worry of cramming it all into a single weekend. Players can simply log in whenever they like between Friday November 22nd (12:00 game time) and Monday December 2nd (12:00 game time). As soon as they are in-game,..."

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