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Added ''Post'' '''Guide for RuneScape Zodiyak Track: 1-10 Tier Task Details for P2P & F2P''' to forum "Classifieds - Professionals & Students selling their Equipment etc." on ''3/25/2020''
"New event RS3 Zodiyak Track has been active now with various tasks and unique rewards. Here is a Zodi-yak Track guide with 1-10 Tier Zodiyak Track tasks for P2P and F2P players.

RS Zodiyak Track tasks for 1-10 Tiers (P2P)

Notice: RS Archaeology tasks will be available when the skill is released on March 30th. 1. Tier 1 Task A: Speak to Sir Yaktrick Moore next to Challenge Mistress Fara in Burthorpe and learn about his backstory. Task B: (Archaeology) 2. Tier 2 Task A: 120 Willow or Coal and above Task B: (Archaeology) 3. Tier 3 Task A: 100 Raw salmon and above Task B: 405 Chaos runes and above 4. Tier 4 Task A: 715 Pike or Oak shortbow and above Task B: (Archaeology) 5. Tier 5 Task A: Take 28 astral runes to RS Simon in the wilderness Task B: Bring 12 eggs to RS Benedict in Varrock 6. Tier 6 Task A: 770 Super antipoison and above Task B: 6 Occult and above 7. Tier 7 Task A: 210 Impious ashes or Mithril bar and above Task B: (Archaeology) 8. Tier 8 Task..."

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