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Added ''Post'' '''RuneScape 3 Rainbow's End TH Promotion Returned with Various Rainbow Prizes''' to forum "Classifieds - Professionals & Students selling their Equipment etc." on ''6/22/2020''
"RS Rainbow's End is the latest promotion in Treasure Hunter. Until June 22nd, participate in this promotion to gain some rainbow and clover prizes.

When to enjoy RS Rainbow's End?

The latest Treasure Hunter promotion RS Rainbow's End is active now and will run until June 22th. During the Rainbow's End promotion, a multiplier would be in effect which will increase the rewards from Treasure Hunter. The multiplier is re-rolled for each opened chest, and starts with only the single reward option available. The cap of the multiplier will be increased by 1 to a maximum of 7 by claiming a multiplier unlock, which is also available on Treasure Hunter. All prizes obtained on Treasure Hunter are multiplied by the multiplier when a key is used, except multipliers themselves.

Prizes gained from Rainbow's End

In RS Rainbow's End this month, there are some new rewards include the clover axe token, clover crossbow token, clover parasol and clover wand token. Here you could learn all..."

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