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Added ''Post'' '''How Spending OSRS gold Can Earn You More Gold - OSRS Money Making''' to forum "The Future of Asian Medicine" on ''6/24/2020''
"A lot of players are a little hesitant to spending their hard-earned OSRS gold, which is reasonable since it usually takes much longer to earn the gold back. Today we are discussing how spending your OSRS gold earns you more RuneScape money in the long run. Should you need to buy OSRS gold for an armour upgrading, leveling, or some better supplies, be sure to check out the OSRS gold page.

Stamina Potions

A stamina potion restores 20% of the player's run energy per dose and reduces the rate that Run energy depletes while running by 70% for 2 minutes. It costs 50K rsgp/H to use Stamina potions consistently.

Let’s take the Blast furnace for example. You have to use a lot of Run energy when you are running back and forth the entire time. Normally, you could make 4,000 Steel bars an hour with Stamina potions, but them, you can only make 3,425 bars an hour. Using Stamina potions, the profit of making Steel bars is 450K rsgp/H, but without Stamina potions, it’s 380K rsgp/h. It’s..."

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