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Added ''Post'' '''Guide for RuneScape3 Desperate Measures Quest''' to forum "Classifieds - Professionals & Students selling their Equipment etc." on ''7/28/2020''
"The new quest in the Elder Gods series, RS Desperate Measures, has been released in game on July 27th. Here is our RS Desperate Measures guide with quest requirements, walkthrough and more.

Requirements of RS Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures RS3 is a new Intermediate quest as the sequel to Desperate Times. Here are its requirements: -Skill: Level 50 Archaeology, Level 50 Agility -Quest: completion of RS Desperate Times quest. -Items: 100 Orthenglass, RS the Measure (can be obtained during the quest)

RS Desperate Measures quest walkthrough

1. To start this quest, talk to Seren at Burthorpe Castle. 2. Head to Anachronia and find Mr. Mordaut in the Anachronia base camp. 3. Run north of the base camp, and down the two flights of stairs to the dragonkin gate. Talk to Thok and Charos. 4. Walk over to Charos. Kill the dinosaurs. 5. Speak to Laniakea and walk across the bridge. 6. Excavate the spot next to the entrance and get the Dragonkin device (damaged). Repair..."

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