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Added ''Post'' '''WoW Classic Engineering Profession Guide''' to forum "Acupuncture Requests" on ''7/29/2020''
"After WoW Classic Paladin Guide, this week we will discuss Engineering in depth. Engineering – one of WoW Classic players’ favourite profession, allows players to utilize and craft specific items such as explosives, armours, ranged weapons, trinks and many more! Furthermore, the profession brings about a vast number of PvP and PvE benefits, and we can’t go without mentioning companion pets! With all the ins and outs of engineering, we know it can be quite intimidating to understand it all. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and made a comprehensive guide to Engineering in WoW Classic. Let’s jump into it! classic wow gold


First up, why should you even consider Engineering? Well, there’s a plethora of reasons why thousands of WoW Classic players decide to undergo the Engineering route, such as:

-The ability to make explosives, such as the Goblin Sapper Charge, Dense Dynamite and the Thorium Grenade. These items can bring vast benefits due to their ability to damage in an..."

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