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Added ''Post'' '''Is the path of exile all free?''' to forum "Single Herb Requests" on ''9/1/2021''
"When the action RPG Path of Exile was released last year, the developer Grinding Gear Games was very clear. This will be an ethical free game that will not compromise on the disadvantages of paying to win. This means there are no XP upgrades or weapon upgrades. In this game, players can enjoy the feeling of freedom. If players want to Buy POE Currency, there is a three-party platform that can meet your needs. No need for expensive mounts or portals to travel fast. No intrusive advertising. There are also no invitations to pay for fancy new characters.

This New Zealand developer has more than 5 million registered players. Hundreds of thousands of players are playing at any time. Its initial expansion, Sacrifice Val, will take place next week. Vaal's sacrifice adds additional PvP content, a new race of dark magic users, and the ability to charge superweapons by killing monsters. To meet the diverse needs of players in the later stage, players can choose Buy POE Currency...."

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