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TCM Facial Rejuvenation Overview
by Yue-Ying Li

To introduce the participants to the concepts and techniques of cosmetology and facial rejuvenation in TCM, including:

- tools of basic skin assessment
- factors that progress aging
- facial rejuvenation acupuncture, with details on commonly used channels and points
- facial rejuvenation gua sha
- facial rejuvenation massage
- Topical treatments and facial masks
- How differentiate skin and skin lesions
- Chinese herb medicine cosmetology
- Acupuncture cosmetology

  • TCM Cosmetology
  • Tools of Basic Skin Assessment
  • Factors that progress aging
  • Supporting Skin vitality and facial rejuvenation
  • Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture
  • Commonly Used Channels and Points
  • Facial Rejuvenation Gua Sha
  • Facial Rejuvenation Massage
  • Topical treatments/facial masks
  • Differentiation of the Skin and Skin Lesions
  • Chinese Herb Medicine Cosmetology
  • Acupuncture Cosmetology
  • Final assessment

Customer Reviews

by Jim Ventresca

The information in this course is clear and direct. The instructor was knowledgeable, and the format was easily followed. It was an enjoyable and convenient way to get CEUs coupled with clinically useful information, at the same time.

by x x

I really enjoyed this online course. It was clear, straightforward, and well-outlined. The videos were a great addition (I've never taken online CEUs with this resource), especially the gua-sha video. I don't think that I would have attempted facial gua-sha in my practice without a seeing a demonstration. The course was well-paced, and I appreciated the fact that I could pause the course at any time. I took it between patients one day at work!

by Andrea Murchison

A great way to take CEU classes. A good presentation and useful knowledge and skills to use with my patients.

by Emily Granville

I found this a very convenient way to do ceu's!

by Dan Taylor

Monotone presentation. Great preparedness. I've seen more interesting presenters in CEU courses, that's for sure.

by Heather Fulkoski

This is a great introduction to facial rejuvenation using TCM. It provides information on facial gua sha and massage as well as acupuncture. The video demonstrations are very helpful in learning the various techniques.

by Soon Yen Lee

Video demonstrations were very useful: although unfortunately the distance & resolution was rather poor, the video demonstrated the needle insertion technique.

by Laura Dawson

I have always wanted to review and update my facial acpuncture skills so that I would be able to use them in treatment of not only visable facial challenges; to also address nutritional problems. I expect this will help. Be In Good Health. Laura L Dawson

by Todd Plymale-Mallory

Dr Li's course is thorough and comprehensive. It lays out a simple yet detailed approach to Facial Rejuvenation. Any practitioner who takes this course can easily implement Dr. Li's methods into their practice. In today's market, these techniques are excellent tools to have in your treatment tool box. Thanks Dr. Li!!