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Introduction to TCM Dermatology
by Yue-Ying Li

This course aims to introduce the participants to the basic principles of dermatology in TCM including:

- Etiology and pathology of dermatopathy
- Differentiation of primary and secondary skin lesions
- Internal Treatments for skin diseases including methods and herbal formulas
- External Treatments for skin diseases including topical formulas
- Differentiations of oils, creams, powders, etc. according to pathology
- Application methods for topical formulas

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Customer Reviews

by Heather Fulkoski

This class provides important information that can be applied to clinical practice. The presentation is clear and concise.

by Ching Liu

The western medical descriptions of the lesions were a little vague -- I would have loved more technical/specific definitions of them. The discussion on the different forms that external preparations come in, and when to use them, was very interesting. I was a little disappointed that no actual formulas for external application were given, but I guess that's because this was an introductory course. I'd be very interested in learning the specific protocols in followup classes.

Course Objectives - 7 CEUs/PDAs

To provide an introduction to TCM Dermatology, as a foundation for further studies.