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Animal Services Clinic In Calgary

Given a large percentage of pets admitted in Veterinary Clinic Calgary carrying various types of illnesses, infection and parasites, properties animal clinic maintain and keep a healthy and hygienic environment. Properties Animal Clinic aims to keep your vet clinic experience as smooth as possible in order to keep your pet healthy, happy and live the best life possible. Its extensive services include medical and nutritional treatments for ear infections, tick prevention, and other services provided in case of dentistry problem.

Kittens and puppies should be seen by a vet when they are very young, as it is necessary for vaccinations and spaying or neutering. The properties animal clinic has also examination services offered that includes in-house and off-site reference laboratory for blood chemistry and complete blood count examinations as well as off-site consultation with board certified pathologists, surgeons, internal medicine specialists, radiologists, dermatologists, neurologists, nutritionists and oncologist.