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Male , born on 2/7/1984
Los Angeles , California   United States




Hello, I am David Mathews. I have heard a lot of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM seems to be a unique and proven way of curing people. History would reveal that the practices involved in TCM have proven very effective. This subject really intrigues me. For greater knowledge, I was looking for a source that will help me learn more about it. That is when I came across this website. It is full of relevant posts which educate readers like me about this distinct field. So far I have loved this website and thereby I am registering myself on it.

Coming to my Profession, I am employed at an iPhone application development company India. I deal in android app development outsourcing services. Our motto is to make great ideas a reality and transform them into a mobile-based application, using which people can make their life simpler and easier. I love sports and I exercising in the gym. I often indulge myself in gardening as well.