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Alexandria , Pennsylvania   United States
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Organizations: Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine National Coalition, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Society of Massachusetts


Loosing Weight through Chiropractic

Dr. Eric Berg practices Chiropractic care which is a safe and drug-free approach that facilitates the healing process in the body. This makes it effective in treating different kinds of pain in the body. It also promotes a lifestyle of wellness and health – implying that it has special focus on assisting those experiencing weight problems. The main advantage of chiropractic help weight loss programs over other remedies is that it will help you lose weight not only for a short time, but for a prolonged period of time. Once you achieve the desired weight, the chiropractor will help you maintain it for a lifetime.Chiropractors tackle the patient’s weight problems in a holistic way. They first conduct a thorough examination to establish the exact origin of a problem in the body. After obtaining these results, they determine the type of treatment to administer to the patient. Later, they come up with both a diet plan and proper physical exercises that suits the needs of the patient. Remember that when each of these plans is designed, they are personalized as per the needs of the individual patient.

Eric Berg is a 52-year old chiropractic from Alexandria , Virginia . He emphasizes and focuses primarily on weight reduction through supplemental and 100% natural methods . Berg has been practicing medicine for approximately 25 years wherein he obtained notable acknowledgment for his contributions in the Medical Society . He was a research person for Chiropractic Research in 1993 together with Robert Brook M .D . He also got a commendation from Governor Edwin Edwards in Louisiana for his commendable “Way to Happiness Program” to a local elementary school wherein the said program was announced the winner by Concerned Businessmen Association.