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  Brady Chin
(Rootdown Staff)
Added ''Pearl'' "Fire Needling!" on ''11/21/2007'':
The doctors I observed in the hospital in Chengdu had great success using a combination of fire needling, cupping, and moxa to treat various dermatological conditions. Since fire needling isn’t used in the US, you could substitute bloodletting or 7-star needling instead. The treatment is applied directly to skin lesions such as eczema or dermatitis. Do the needling first, then follow up with cupping, and finish up with a few minutes of moxa. You’ll notice a lot of redness in the area and release of pus or fluids from the skin lesions immediately after the treatment, then a gradual reduction of the lesions. The method is called “yi re yin re” – using heat to conduct heat. The treatment can reduce inflammation, stop itching, and release toxins. For best results, do 1-2 times per week while simultaneously using internal herbs to treat the root of disease (blood heat, excess damp, etc). It works great!
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