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Added ''Pearl'' "Combining Strategies" on ''7/10/2008'':
I have found the combination of ion pumping cords with distal point strategies such as the "balance method" to be very effective. You may wish to play around with this idea yourself and see if it improves your outcomes.

One simple place to start is with shoulder pain that is anterior- in the vicinity of the extra point: Jianqian (or Jian Nei Ling) along the lung channel. Tap a 1/2" needle at the local ashi point and tape the black IPC clip to it. Then find the more tender Spleen 9 and tap in a 1/2" needle, taping the red clip to it. Needle stimulation is not necessary. Then I usually add infrared heat to the symptomatic area.

2 points! Works great.

Try the same strategy for other aches & pains too- such as trigger thumb- don't even insert a needle in the thumb joint- just apply a magnet and tape the black clip to it, and run the red clip to the contralateral Spleen 2A and tape to a 1/2" needle there.

I also use this technique for plantar fasciitis and heel spur pain- run IPC cords from the local ashi points to the contralateral hand- choosing points that correspond to the pain location on the foot- such as Mu Guan & Gu Guan for heel pain (depending on whether it's more on the UB or KI channel or both), Heart 8 for Kidney 1 ashi pain, etc.

Try it and let me know how t works for you. Have fun! This is why they call our business a "practice".

Here is a nice link to some balance method reference charts: