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Added ''Pearl'' "A natural aid for patients with dry skin" on ''3/1/2010'':
This isn't a TCM but solution Aztec Healing Clay it is something that patients can pick up inexpensively and in my experience has gotten so great results. Aztec Healing Clay is beneficial for deep pore cleansing of the skin, and can be obtained at any good health food or vitamin store.

Here's how I recommend it's use:

1)Mix the clay in a zip-lock bag with enough water to massage into a paste.

2)Cure in the refrigerator for 2 days. (This improves the absorption of water. Under a microscope, the granules look like tiny shells – curing allows the shells to fill up with water).

3)Take about a ½ cup of the cured clay in your hand. Mix with a little more water and rub hands together until you have a nice warm paste.

4)Spread a thin coat evenly over dry skin until fully covered.

5)Blow-dry with a warm-air hair dryer until the clay dries.

6)Wait 3 minutes.

7)Rinse off as quickly as possible to avoid the skin reabsorbing what the clay has just taken out of your pores.

8)Moisturize ( I recommend a product called Herbal Pearl Natural Skin Care once or twice each day).

The small clay granules act like tiny suction cups which suck the blood to the surface of the skin. Blood circulations seem to go deeper as we age, especially in a dry environment, and the Aztec clay treatment helps to return the blood flow to the surface.