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Natural Eye Care: Preserving Healthy Vision through Eye Exercises and Qigong
by Marc Grossman , Michael Edson

Qigong is an ancient Chinese method of healing that predates acupuncture and Tai Chi, as early as 4,000 years old. Learning and practicing Qi Gong daily helps maintain a strong, healthy constitution, and promotes healing for any health condition. Learning and practicing Qigong will also enhance the benefits of healing techniques used by all hands-on practitioners by enabling the practitioner to be more in touch with his/her energy and being able to focus that energy to enhance hands-on healing strategies such as acupuncture, acupressure, massage, Reiki, and othe healing touch techniques.

The goal of this course is to provide fundamental information and techniques to get the viewer both started in Qigong, as well as provide the practitioner with specific exercises to offer the patient for both overall health and specifically eye health related to common eye conditions such as Macular Degeneration, Open-Angle Glaucoma, Eye Floaters and Cataracts.

This course is excerpted from Healing Your Eyes With Chinese Medicine, Lecture Series Part Two.

  • Natural Eye Care
  • Qigong

Customer Reviews

by Donald Goddard

Two instructors present 20-25 minutes each on various eye exercises. The first (Grossman) includes a couple classics from Dr. Bates plus other exercises that he himself has developed. The only "equipment" needed are other parts of your body (index finger, palms, etc.). He suggests you teach these exercises to your patients as part of empowering them. The second (Edson) focuses on Qigong exercises. He starts with a basic stance, proceeds to general Qi flow between [[point:318]] and [[point:330]], and then adds exercises for various eye disorders, whether due to deficiency, excess, or a combination of def/exc. A very good class. Even though a handout is mentioned by both instructors, none was available when I took the class. So, I suggest you take copious notes, both so you can remember them later for yourself and your patients, and so you can pass the test (if you want/need the CEUs).

Course Objectives - 1 CEUs/PDAs

To provide fundamental and informational techniques for the practice of Qigong as it relates to eye care.