Modification to dà chéng qì tāng

Da Cheng Qi Tang
(Major Order the Qi Decoction)

''Modification:'' For signs of blood stasis - refer to:
Author: Dan Bensky and Randall Barolet
, p117

    Herb Common Name   Qty.  
大黄 Da Huang rhubarb root and rhizome 12 grams
芒硝 Mang Xiao mirabilite, glauber's salt 9 - 12 grams
厚朴 Hou Po magnolia bark 24 grams
枳實 Zhi Shi unripe bitter orange, chih-shih 12 - 15 grams
added 赤芍 Chi Shao red peony root
added 桃仁 Tao Ren peach kernel, persica