Modification to jīn líng zǐ sǎn

Jin Ling Zi San
(Melia Toosendan Powder)

''Modification:'' Hernial disorders of the lower abdomen add Ju He ~ semen citri reticulate (this is not in Benski)

If there is also significant signs of cold, then add the two additions listed. - refer to:
Author: Dan Bensky and Randall Barolet
, p295

    Herb Common Name   Qty.  
川楝子 Chuan Lian Zi toosendan fruit, Sichuan chinabery, Sichuan Pagoda tree 30 grams
延胡索 Yan Hu Suo corydalis rhizome 30 grams
added 吳茱萸 Wu Zhu Yu evodia fruit
added 小茴香 Xiao Hui Xiang fennel fruit