Modification to huáng tǔ tāng

Huang Tu Tang
(Yellow Earth Decoction)

''Modification:'' For severe Qi deficiency - refer to:
Author: Dan Bensky and Randall Barolet
, p344

    Herb Common Name   Qty.  
生地黃 Sheng Di Huang Chinese foxglove root, rehmannia (fresh),Rehmannia root 9 grams
黃苓 Huang Qin baical skullcap root, scutellaria, scute 9 grams
白术 Bai Zhu (white) atratylodes rhizome, ovate atractylodes, angelica root 9 grams
甘草 Gan Cao licorice root 9 grams
阿膠 E Jiao ass-hide glue, donkey-hide gelatin, gelatin 9 grams
附子 Fu Zi Prepared daughter root of Sichuan aconite 9 grams
竈心土 Zao Xin Tu oven earth, ignited yellow earth 18 grams
added 黨蔘 Dang Shen codonopsis root