Modification to bái hǔ tāng

Bai Hu Tang
(White Tiger Decoction)

''Modification:'' For Xiao Ke syndrome due to Stomach Heat. - refer to:
Author: Dan Bensky and Randall Barolet
, p70-71

    Herb Common Name   Qty.  
石膏 Shi Gao gypsum 30 grams
知母 Zhi Mu anemarrhena rhizome 9 grams
炙甘草 Zhi Gan Cao Honey Prepared Licorice 3 grams
粳米 Geng Mi hulled or husked, uncooked non-glutinous rice 9 - 15 grams
added 蘆根 Lu Gen reed rhizome
added 天花粉 Tian Hua Fen trichosanthes root
added 麥門冬 Mai Men Dong ophiopogon tuber