Ji Sheng Shen Qi Wan
濟生腎氣丸 (济生肾气丸) jì shēng shèn qì wán, "Kidney Qi Pill from Formulas to Aid the Living"

Translated Name: Kidney Qi Pill from Formulas to Aid the Living
Warm and Tonify the Yang

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Pinyin Pronunciation:
Components (10):
 HerbCommon NameQuantityUnit
牡丹皮 Mu Dan Pi moutan root bark, tree peony root bark 30 grams
茯苓 Fu Ling poria, sclerotium of tuckahoe, China root, hoelen, Indian bread 30 grams
車前子 Che Qian Zi plantago seeds 30 grams
澤瀉 Ze Xie alisma rhizome, water plantain 30 grams
川牛膝 Chuan Niu Xi cyathula root 15 grams
山藥 Shan Yao dioscorea rhizome, Chinese yam 30 grams
熟地黄 Shu Di Huang cooked rehmannia root, prepared Chinese foxglove root 15 grams
山茱萸 Shan Zhu Yu Asiatic cornelian cherry fruit, cornus 30 grams
附子 Fu Zi Prepared daughter root of Sichuan aconite 15 grams
官桂 Guan Gui Cinnamon bark, inner bark of Siagon cinnamon 15 grams
Pale, swollen, tooth-marked tongue with a white slippery coating

Depth: Deep (Submerged, Sinking, Deep)
Qualities: Wiry (String-taut)
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