Niu Huang Shang Qing Wan
niú huáng shàng qīng wán, "Cattle Gallstone Pill to Ascend and Clear"

Translated Name: Cattle Gallstone Pill to Ascend and Clear
Clear Heat and Resolves Toxicity

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Pinyin Pronunciation:
Components (21):
 HerbCommon NameQuantityUnit
荊芥 Jing Jie schizonepeta stem or bud 24 grams
防風 Fang Feng saposhnikovia root, ledebouriella root, siler 24 grams
白芷 Bai Zhi angelica root 24 grams
薄荷 Bo He field mint, mentha 15 grams
菊花 Ju Hua chrysanthemum flower 60 grams
石膏 Shi Gao gypsum 120 grams
梔子 Zhi Zi cape jasmine fruit, gardenia 75 grams
蓮心 Lian Xin lotus plumule 60 grams
黃苓 Huang Qin baical skullcap root, scutellaria, scute 75 grams
黃蓮 Huang Lian coptis rhizome 24 grams
黃栢 Huang Bai amur cork tree bark, phellodendron bark 15 grams
連翹 Lian Qiao forsythia fruit 75 grams
大黄 Da Huang rhubarb root and rhizome 120 grams
桔梗 Jie Geng baloon flower root, platycodon root 24 grams
川芎 Chuan Xiong Sichuan lovage root, cnidium, chuanxiong root 24 grams
赤芍 Chi Shao red peony root 24 grams
甘草 Gan Cao licorice root 15 grams
當歸 Dang Gui tangkuei, Chinese angelica root 75 grams
冰片 Bing Pian borneol 15 grams
牛黃 Niu Huang cattle gallstone; bezoar 3 grams
雄黄 Xiong Huang borneol 24 grams
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