Shi Wei Wen Dan Tang
十味溫膽湯 shí wèi wēn dǎn tāng, "Ten-Ingredient Decoction to Warm the Gallbladder"

Translated Name: Ten-Ingredient Decoction to Warm the Gallbladder
Clear Heat and Transform Phlegm

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Pinyin Pronunciation:
Components (12):
 HerbCommon NameQuantityUnit
生薑 Sheng Jiang fresh ginger rhizome 5 pieces
茯苓 Fu Ling poria, sclerotium of tuckahoe, China root, hoelen, Indian bread 4.5 grams
半夏 Ban Xia pinellia rhizome, pinellia tuber 6 grams
陳皮 Chen Pi aged tangerine peel, citrus 6 grams
枳實 Zhi Shi unripe bitter orange, chih-shih 6 grams
人蔘 Ren Shen ginseng root 3 grams
大棗 Da Zao jujube, Chinese date 1 pieces
熟地黄 Shu Di Huang cooked rehmannia root, prepared Chinese foxglove root 3 grams
五味子 Wu Wei Zi schisandra fruit 3 grams
酸棗仁 Suan Zao Ren sour jujube seed; zizyphus 3 grams
遠志 Yuan Zhi Chinese senega root; polygala 3 grams
炙甘草 Zhi Gan Cao Honey Prepared Licorice 1.5 grams
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