Zhou Che Wan
舟車丸 zhōu chē wán, "Vessel and Vehicle Pill"

Translated Name: Vessel and Vehicle Pill
Drive Out Excess Water

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Pinyin Pronunciation:
Components (9):
 HerbCommon NameQuantityUnit
甘遂 Gan Sui kan-sui root 30 grams
芫花 Yuan Hua genkwa flower 30 grams
京大戟 Jing Da Ji euphorbia root 30 grams
大黄 Da Huang rhubarb root and rhizome 60 grams
牽牛子 Qian Niu Zi morning glory seeds, pharbitis 120 grams
木香 Mu Xiang costus root, saussurea, auklandia 15 grams
檳榔 Bing Lang betel nut; areca seed; areaca 15 grams
陳皮 Chen Pi aged tangerine peel, citrus 15 grams
青皮 Qing Pi unripe tangerine peel, green tangerine peel, blue citrus 15 grams
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Rate: Rapid (Quick, Fast)
Depth: Deep (Submerged, Sinking, Deep)
Qualities: Excess (Shi, Strong, Full)
This formula is contraindicated in pregnancy and persons who are weak. Traditional text discourage the use of of Gan Cao with this formula as it is incompatible with some of it's ingredients. Because this formula contains some extremely toxic substances, the dosage and duration of administration must be carefully regulated. After the acute condition has resolved, formulas which regulate and tonify the Spleen and Kidney should be prescribed to promote full recovery.
  • avoid use during Pregnancy
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Reference Source:
Collected Treatises of (Zhang) Jing Yue  Browse


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