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UserPhoto Dr Alison Grimston, Holistic GP and Animal Healer
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I Speak English
Female , born on 11/8/1967
Lewes , East Sussex   United Kingdom
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Favorite Book: The Alchemist
Favorite Herb: Calendula
Activities: GP, healer, promoting complementary therapists among patients and doctors and vets
Interests: Countryside & connection to nature, animals, my children
When Not On, I am... trying to "be" more than "do"...



I was born in 1967, into a farming family with 2 older sisters and a younger brother. My father, a tenant farmer, was a great ideas man and entrepeneur - he set up what was probably the first Farm Shop in Britain, moving on from selling milk and eggs at the front door to the successful business that it is now (, now run by my sister.

I always loved animals, and used to take the dogs for long walks (ie disappear) from the age of 3. I loved sitting on a bank at the bottom of the garden, watching voles, for hours. My happy childhood was spent surrounded by dogs, a stream of hamsters and a pony.

I broke my back in August 1985 in a car accident, the same summer that I went to medical school. This was my introduction to complementary therapies, and to the limitations of drugs.

I have worked in general practice for 10 years now, and 4 years ago started a more in depth exploration of complementary therapies, training as an animal healer. I love working with animals; they do not block the energy flow with their cynicism.

I also love helping my human patients to see a way forward through their distress with self healing and complementary therapies. However, the 10 minute consultation length in the NHS is restrictive to say the least, especailly when you think of all else that I have to do in that time.

I have set up websites to help pet owners, animal therapists and human clients to learn more...

Love & light, Alison