Christina Balangue

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I Speak English
San Diego , California   United States

Element: Water
Zodiac: Snake

Organizations: Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance

New England School of Acupuncture
Degree: MAOM
Attended: 2002 to 2005


In 2002, I entered the program at the New England School of Acupuncture in Newton, Massachusetts where I obtained my Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. I practiced at I.S.I.S. Holistic Clinic in Brookline, a group practice that includes naturopathy, evaluations, coaching, colonhydrotherapy, massage and yoga, spa treatments (facials, soaks, steams, etc.), where I got to work with some amazing people. I also had the opportunity to volunteer at Pathways to Wellness. This clinic is a non-profit public health organization that started as the Boston-based AIDS Care Project by "delivering the highest quality complementary healthcare to people living with HIV/AIDS." I learned so much from the people who I had treated there and gained a much deeper understanding of Chinese medicine as I applied it to complex cases.

Now I live in San Diego, California and have just sat for the CA Board exam. I believe that when I start to practice here, I will gain more insight into the innerworkings of bridging the gap between Western biomedicine and Chinese Medicine. It is important for me to contribute to bridging this gap here in the United States, because it is the way that Chinese medicine will be integrated into the mainstream medical system here. I am very excited to be here and anxious to see what it will be like to practice here.