Maureen Zelmer

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I Speak English
Edmonton , Alberta   Canada

Favorite Herb: don't have one
Element: Metal
Zodiac: Rooster
Activities: ATVing, camping, playing baseball
Interests: Outdoors, helping people with their health issues



I'm an ex-army brat, who's parents moved all over Canada but Alberta is where my heart always has been. My husband and I have 3 children and we're all very musical. About 18 years ago, I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. I refused the 'drugs' that the doctors wanted me to take and was fully prepared to accept that I may not be around long. Then, I met Victor who [did my pulses] and told me my kidney energy was low and suggested a bottle of herbs that was specifically formulated to balance the kidneys. Many months later, he told me that all my organ energies were low when he first assessed me. In a matter of months, I was feeling better and in 8 months felt my old healthy self. I became Victor's student and he and I traveled around Western Canada, doing lectures. Last spring [2007], a specialist sent my blood work to a Lupus Clinic and the test came back negative! This past May, on a lecture tour, I met two more women that were completely cured of their Lupus. They also have been taking Victor's formulas for years. His blends were originally made by taking loose herbs and combining them into bags - the old TCM way. The formulas have been encapsulated for many years now and our company has gone through many changes. It's now called Ancient Alternatives ( ) I work in the production center where we produce and ship the herbs. Victor still maintains his Acupuncture Clinic where he and several of his 'doctors' do pulse reading, acupuncture and acupressure. I spend many hours on the phone, Monday to Friday answering health questions to the best of my ability. I research alot on the internet and that's how I found I'm very impressed with the information on the website and have it bookmarked for further investigations.