Alex Gutierrez

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I Speak English, Spanish, Portuguese
Male , born on 4/23/1953
Santos , Sao Paulo   Brazil

Favorite Herb: Huang Qi
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Snake
Activities: Northern Shaolin, Tai-Mantis, Tai Qi Chuan and running on the beach.
Interests: Always looking to learn something new that will make me a better practitioner.
When Not On, I am... working, or taking a walk in Gonzaga (down town Santos)



I am a graduate from Samra University, 1993. I opened my clinic in the Los Angeles south bay area for 4 yrs. before moving to Brazil. For the last 10-11 years I have worked in the city of Sao Paulo and in Santos. Before TCM. I attended Portland St. University on a football grant.