Anthony Fazio

L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., C.Ac, BA
UserPhoto Peaceful Spirit Acupuncture
Member since September 2008
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I Speak French
Male , born on Jan 28th
Ithaca , United States

Favorite Herb: Dong Chong Xia Cao
Element: Metal
Zodiac: Tiger
Activities: Tai Ji Quan, Qi Gong, Aikido, calisthenics, , mowing grass, shoveling snow, felling trees.
Interests: history and philosophy (especially of Chinese medicine)completing another graduate degree (Antioch University, Ohio) raising an 8 year old daughter, reading, watching movies
When Not On, I am... treating clients

Organizations: ASNY (Acupuncture Society of NY), NYSAC (NY State Acupuncture Coalition)

I Teach At
NYCC School of AOM, Seneca Falls, NY
History & Philosophy of Chinese Medicine, Tai Ji Quan, Qi Gong

Cornell Aikido Club