Holly Hollister

L.Ac., CN
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Member since November 2008
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Newington , Ct   United States
Website: http://www.hollyacupuncture.com

Favorite Book: Why do I feel so lousy?
Favorite Herb: Echinacea
Element: Metal
Activities: Boating
Interests: Energy healing of all types,
When Not On Rootdown.us, I am... Living life to its fullest.

Organizations: American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM)

Tri-State Inst for Trad. Chinese Medicine
Degree: Diplt.NCCAOM/LAc
Attended: 1991

Southern CT State University
Degree: BS. MS.
Attended: 1971


''I am old, yet I am young. I am smart, yet I am stupid. My higher power has gifted me with healing energy and put the lastest and greatest healing tools in front of me, every step of the way. I use the ancient healing art of acupuncture and the new age nano-tech micro chip healing patches. I use kineseology and organic whole food healing with standard process/Medi Herb. TAT takes care of the past traumas that keep my patients health from soaring. I love my job. I am computer challanged but a gifted boat captain. My best marketing tools are my patients. My worst: The electronic super-highway. I love my two Bijons ( 1 original and 1 rescue) who keep my heart open on a daily basis. As a former teacher, patient education is a central part of my practice. I founded the Connecticut Society of Acup and Oriental Medicine to bring our states acupuncturists together as well as to form a strong force in order to stop non-licenced professional from pacticeng acupuncture without a license. We have a lot of fun at the office! Drop by or call 860-667-1637