Terri Lukyn

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I Speak English
Female , born on 5/30/1964
Squamish , British Columbia   Canada

Favorite Book: The Power of Now
Favorite Herb: Xuan Shen
Element: Wood
Zodiac: Dragon
Activities: Hiking, Skiing, camping, dogs
Interests: Family, TCM, Music
When Not On Rootdown.us, I am... Working or hiking or partying!

Organizations: College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupu


Commercial fished with my family from Alaska to Tahitti for over 14 years. Took up Chinese Medicine late in life, but have been getting acupuncture (TCM) since the age of 18 with excellent results.

I am very much into the energy shifts available during acupunture treatments and believe I have seen some "pain bodies" expelled and would love to expand on this work. It is alarming, but I feel more than confident about my abilities to deal with these energies. The results are amazing and as a practitioner this is very rewarding.

I stick with a strick TCM protocol and diagnosis. The rest is all just a bonus.