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Originally, baseball was played bare-handed. In 1860, catchers were the primary to introduce gloves, attempting to catch any pitch that wasn't struck. First basemen, who take many throws from the infielders for putouts, soon followed, and everyone player eventually embraced Joker baseball batting gloves. All gloves with some padding are fabricated from leather.

The catcher's glove, or mitt, aside from a cleft between the thumb and index, offers a sturdy face and is thickly padded except within the middle where the pitched ball is caught. The glove doesn't reach 96.5 cm (38 inches) in diameter and 39.4 cm (15.5 inches) from top to bottom.

Thinner and more versatile, the primary baseman's glove could be a sturdy expanse of leather for the four fingers with a webbing linking the thumb and forefinger. Finger gloves with leather bands linking the thumb and forefinger are all the opposite players' gloves. Form-fitting Joker baseball batting gloves are now worn by most batters, designed to extend grip.

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