Patrick Meath

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I Speak English, Chinese (Mandarin)
Male , born on 4/15/1981
Xi'an , Shaanxi   China

Favorite Book: 重吕传道集
Favorite Herb: Huang Qi
Zodiac: Rooster
Activities: Taijiquan (Wudang Zhaobao He Style), meditation, mountain fun, observing, studying, practicing, observing, studying, practicing.. and cooking!
Interests: Personal cultivation, 养生 nourishing life, enlightenment. Living in such a polluted place, I'd love to move away and have a garden someday.



Some years ago I set my preconceived maps aside and took off down the river of yuanfen. Don't know where she'll go but I'll swim with her current. Through rocks and rapids her waters flow around and through. And I for every bump and bruise learn how to be like her. Smooth out the surfaces. Find myself as the current.