Nathan Parker

UserPhoto Reality is that which, when you stop believing it,
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I Speak English, Chinese (Mandarin)
Male , born on Jul 25th
Berkeley , California   United States
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Favorite Book: too many to list
Favorite Herb: Chai Hu
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Monkey
Activities: Climbing, cooking, reading, backpacking, building things, setting them on fire when I'm done...
Interests: Things ending in "ology"
When Not On, I am... in class or at a cafe studying TCM


I Teach At
Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College - Berkeley
Intro to Chinese Language for TCM Studies

Beijing University
Degree: BA in Chinese Language


“The universe is just there; that's the only way one can view it and remain the master of his senses. The universe neither threatens nor promises. It holds things beyond our sway: the fall of a meteor, the eruption of a volcano, growing old and dying. These are the realities of this universe and they must be faced regardless of how you feel about them. You cannot fend off such realities with words. They will come at you in their own wordless way and then, then you will understand what is meant by "life and death." Understanding this, you will be filled with joy.” -Frank Herbert