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Choose the base and skills required in use.

Always set a deep shadow colour from your skin to be found with the natural colour of the face during blending, and do not feel artificial pin. The natural impression of the fact is to be found on the neck, hands and arms too. .. Women usually want to be twenty-five colouring, which seems artificial, it is wrong. The base is not meant to be torn in every yard. Instead, the face of the face is to be balanced.

Driving scan women should make skin well before the base and use the oil-based sophistication, but if your skin is easy, the Oil- Free Foundation is better. Apply primer before applying base and then apply twenty with the help of brushes. In addition to this, if you want to take a voiced foundation, it should be nice to blend with dry spaces with the skin's natural colour.

Sometimes the base is left over the eyes of the eye, which does not affect the face's face. Anyway, when the base is discussed, it does not mean only the face, but it is necessary to apply twenty on the neck, arm, ear and hands. It always takes less than that your face will look Hussein and charming.

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