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Male , born on Jun 21st
Thousand Oaks , California   United States

Favorite Book: How to Read a Book
Favorite Herb: Shan Yao
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Rooster
When Not On Rootdown.us, I am... Studying - no joke!


Emperor's College of TCM
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Previously a Senior Manager at a Fortune 100 company among many other positions in the Information Technology field of Quality Management. Always been a healer, leader, mentor, and good friend to those who know me and know of me. I have been blessed and cursed with the truth of life and the bigger picture of things and part of my path in life is balance, seeking higher wisdom, and continuously moving with constant change. I expect nothing and therefore am let let down or disappointed in life.

I am married and a full time student in TCM at Emperor;s College in Santa Monica, CA just starting my 2nd year of classes.

Born Jewish, but never indoctrinated with the religion, but with plenty of culture. I am Buddhist in heart, mind, and spirit (as they say) since I read about Zen Buddhism decades ago as a teen (40yrs old).

Feel free to contact me for whatever is on your mind. I may not be able to answer your questions, but I can perhaps point you in the way of thought to drive your own answers.

As for the subject of TCM, I try my best to be more well rounded, but this program is very long and takes up quite a bit of time to learn the minute details, so I look forward to the day I can have more open conversations about the medicine and integrate much of what I am learning now into larger thought!

I love reading about Astrology and Personalogy and am quite adept at constructing one's path. Suffice it to say all I need is your birthday and I can tell a lot about your many aspects and paths.

Give it a try if you do desire ;-)

Best Regards,

Michael Ruderman Oct 10, 2009