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I Speak English
Female , born on 8/8/1989
United States
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Element: Fire
Zodiac: Dragon
Activities: Artist
Interests: Plants Herbs Macrame



I am passionated about herbs, plant, and macrame. Macrame and plants, do you just jump into a beautiful design or do you have to learn the techniques of macrame? A beautiful design for a plant that you use to enhance your home decor, as well as a craft project that is fun to do. If you are the type who really loves doing crafts at home, macrame can be a very enjoyable hobby. Learning the right techniques of macrame will bring out the beautiful design in your plants and give you something you can take pride in. You can use your plants and other items you have to make gorgeous home decor.

If you start with a plant or piece of jewelry, you can turn it into a beautiful macrame plant. You will need a hook, some macrame plant hangers, a length of twine, and plant ornaments or beads. First attach the plant ornaments to the hook with the twine, and then secure them to the wall brackets. Hang the plant ornaments from the hook, and you have a macrame plant ornaments hanging, on the wall.

Another macrame hanging planter is made with a silk flower and a wine glass. The silk flower can be any type of flower that you like, but you will need to find one that is small enough to be used as a stem for the wine glass. With a ribbon, tie a series of beautiful beads around the base of the flower. This will create the pattern for your macrame hanging planter. You can then take a piece of silk and use some beautiful macrame to tie in the end of the string, creating a beautiful arching design on the wall you have created.

The chef in all of us would like to offer stories, snacks, and a way to remember good food memories with loved ones back home. A great way to do this is to create a frame for pictures that you have taken while out in public. There are many frame options available, but you can also use other materials like crystal, glass, and pewter. These beautiful accents can be a wonderful way to show off your creative nature.

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