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Activities: Digital teacher is an effective self-learning material in teaching and learning process!
Interests: Digital teacher is an animated, self-learning multimedia solution which increases the interest levels and retention power of students!



'''Digital Teacher''' is an effective new teaching tool to the instructors at the school level. This is a more effective and authentic digital tool developed in accordance with the recently evolved State Govt. Curriculum Policy.

Digital Teacher is apt for teaching subjects at school level using educational technology. It would drastically bring down the time and efforts spent by the teacher in preparing the content and presenting it to the learners in the classroom.

'''Digital Classroom''' is a text-independent e-learning material for learners, teachers and administrators who are in the field of administration.

'''Smart Classroom''' brings the whole world to your classroom with a single (finger) touch and adds more innovation to your already existing intelligent and excellent ideology.

Digital Teacher is an effective self-learning material in the teaching & learning process and helps you to visualise the tougher concepts in a simpler way through animations, videos and voice over for better understanding.