Edward Henne

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I Speak English
Male , born on 2/4/1958
Oklahoma City , United States

Favorite Book: The Bible
Favorite Herb: Cordyceps
Interests: Kung fu, TCM,



I am a 30 year practitioner and teacher of Chinese martial Arts. I trained and taught Seven Star Praying Mantis for about 12 years or so. My sifu was Mike Biggie of Uniontown, Ohio. Under Mike I learned a lot about Chinese herbalism. Specifically tonic herbs, various prepared medicines and formulas for training such as dit da jows, iron kung medicines, hit pills, plasters, etc.. I then began training under Gary Meyers in N. C.(White Tiger Hsingi Society) in neija arts (Tang Shoa Tao hsingi system from Taiwan) and learned the uses of cupping, uses of moxas, twe na, cranial sacral therapy and energetic techniques, and some needling. I moved back to Oklahoma in 2001 and met a guy named Scott Rigsbee who ran an acupuncture school and clinic here. I traded some kung fu and twe na knowledge with Scott and he began teaching me theory, diagnosis and giving me a mindset for treating illnesses instead of just treating trauma/injuries. Scott also gave me some different ideas for doing acupuncture.